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Executive Summary Panera Bread was established in 1981 by Louis Kane and Ron Shaich under the name Au Bon Pain Company Inc. In 1993 they purchased Saint Louis Bread Company Café’s, which in 1997 were renamed Panera Bread in all markets outside of St. Louis. Today, Panera Bread is a leader in the quick-casual restaurant business and is expanding across North America. It currently operates 1,452 company owned and franchise operated bakery cafes in 40 states and in Ontario Canada. Their goal is to create a specialty café anchored by an authentic, fresh dough artisan bakery and upscale quick service menu selection for urban workers and suburban dwellers. They want to make the experience of dining at Panera so attractive that customers would be willing to pass by outlets of other fast casual restaurant competitors in order to dine in a nearby Panera Bread. As of Q1 of 2011, Panera Bread’s financial statements reported total revenues of $422 million, with a Net Income of $33 million, or $1.09 per diluted share. Panera’s strategy is: * To provide a premium specialty bakery and café experience to urban workers and suburban dwellers * Closely aligned with a broad differentiation and uniqueness that consumers find appealing. * Offer fast, warm and healthy food menu in a comfortable ambience. * Constantly test and renovate their menu options. One of the main issues that Panera Bread faces is that they have strong competition thought-out the fast food and restaurant Industry. This industry is constantly changing, creating new competitors and forcing others out of business. To continue to be successful, Panera Bread must be on top of their marketing strategy and make sure they study and know what their competitors are doing, what their customers want, and the direction the economy is heading. Two key factors to their success are their current

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