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Kudler Fine Foods and Marketing University of Phoenix March 7, 2011 Introduction Kudler Fine Foods is a specialty food store primarily located in the San Diego area of California. Kudler Fine Foods offers a variety of bake good products, fresh produce, fresh meat and seafood, and has a wide variety of wine and liquor. They may have a lot to offer, but how would they let costumers know? How would they know if these things are what customers would be interested in? They would do this through marketing research. This paper will show why marketing research is so important to the development of Kudler Fine Foods, where the company could better themselves by doing additional research and by using competitive intelligence. Importance of Research…show more content…
They also ask customers about what they would like to see in their stores or any other items that the company can improve on to make their business more enjoyable. In order for Kudler Fine Foods to keep a competitive edge they need to strengthen their marketing research. The company knows what consumers want know and what they like about their company at the current moment, but the company needs to do some research on business trends and forecasting. Kudler Fine Foods need to use secondary data in order to find this information out. The company needs to see how other companies similar to Kudler Fine Foods did throughout the years. They need to see if there are any trends that they can look for to better prepare themselves. For example, what times of the year did certain produces sell better? If some of the companies failed, why did they fail? This will better prepare the…show more content…
Companies do this by gathering information about other similar companies, customers, and products. Competitive intelligence information is used in the decision making of managers and executives to support strategic decision making for the company. It is important for Kudler Fine Foods to know what their competitor is doing for several reasons. First, if their competitor is offering a promotion to the public that is attracting more business, then Kudler Fine Foods will want to offer something along the same lines so more business will sway in their direction. Second, although the company may feel that they offer the best product, if the public feels that the competitor is offering a better product, they may want to consider changing their supplier of certain food products. Since price is not a factor in their customers' eyes, they can charge higher prices for better quality product. Last, and probably the most important reason to have competitive intelligence is to find out what the competitor is not doing and do it and do it better than they could. The main purpose of competitive intelligence is to be creative and

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