Jose's Authentic Mexican Restaurant Case Essay

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Michelle Morris Chapter Four Case: Jose’s Authentic Mexican Restaurant Synopsis: Jose’s Authentic Mexican Restaurant is a small, 58 seat restaurant that offers a reasonably broad range of Mexican food prepared and presented in a traditional Mexican style. It is located in New England in a mature business district on the edge of a large metropolitan area. The site is adjacent to a central artery and offers limited off-street parking. The restaurant’s décor and all male wait staff promote the authenticity of the restaurant. Seating is usually immediate except on Friday or Saturday nights when customers can expect to wait as long as 45 minutes. The menu consists of 23 main entrees assembled from 8 basic stocks and a variety of other ingredients. The typical time needed to complete a meal once it has been ordered is 12 minutes. Once the meals have been completed by the cook, the waiter checks to see that all meals are correct and pleasing to the eye, corrects any mistakes and adds any finishing touches. When everything is in order, he assembles them on a tray and delivers to the table. From this point on, the waiter keeps an eye on the table to detect when any additional service or assistance is needed. When the meal has been completed, the waiter presents the bill and collects payment. Jose’s accepts cash or major credit cards, but no checks. Analysis: Question 1: How should quality be defined at this restaurant? Quality should be defined as providing an enjoyable dining experience for the customer and maintaining a high level of service and food quality while managing costs. Customers should be satisfied with their dining experience so that they will return and recommend the restaurant to others. Food should be made to look and taste appealing and should meet the expectations of customers. The atmosphere is also very important. The

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