Case Study: Applebees

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Applebees Applebees Tiffany Caldwell Devry University Applebees 1 The evaluation that I am doing is on a restaurant called Applebees. The main points are the service, the food, the menu, just to name a few. There are some things that needs to be done or they will lose their clients because they will start to notice. When I walk into the restaurant, their customer service is awesome. There is always someone at the door to open it for you and greet you with a great smile. Once you walk in, there is another person there waiting to seat you. If they can not seat you, they apologize and tell you how long the wait will be and they will call your name when something becomes available.…show more content…
I sometimes is at my booth for maybe 5-10 minutes before the waiter acknowledges that I am there and come to see if we want to start out with some drinks. After the waiter gets our order and brings us our food, he is nowhere to be found. They do not know whether we are satisfied or not. They just walk off and I do not see them until they think that we are finished and ready for the bill. When I look on the menu, the way they have their food displayed is great. Every time I order something, I get something that does not look like what I saw on the menu. I know that my food is not going to look exactly like the menu, but let it look at least something like the menu. When you get food that looks totally different from what you saw and the waiter is trying to convince you that it is the same order, then it is a problem. All I am saying is let the presentation on the menu look somewhat like the food that they are serving you. There is certain ways sometimes that you want your food. For example, if I

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