Similarities Between Mcdonalds And Chick-Fil-A

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CHIKTo have a successful fastfood joint in the market, there are several requirements that have to be met by the customers. Particular requirements are-Keeping the environment clean, children safe and happy in the playground, offering high quality coffee; Wi-Fi hotspots, and most importantly providing quality service are the keys to having a successful fast food joint. Mcdonalds and Chick-Fil-A are among the most known and popular fast food joints. Currently, people are becoming more cautious when it comes down to their diet in food meaning that the image of only selling unhealthy choices will be a severe barrel for a company to attract new customers. Between Mcdonalds and Chick-Fil-A , some may wonder , “Which is the better choice?”.…show more content…
Chicken is the main product that is served on their menus which many prefer over beef. As far as customer service, Chick-Fil-a’s staff focuses on being swift and attentive. When the chain opens a new restaurant, it goes out its way to find customers in the area. Regualars at other locations and people who stop by the construction site eager about the opening get invited to a special dinner night before the official opening. Unlike Mcdonalds, Chick-fil-a serves the crowd a free dinner,10 coupons for free meals. This shows a lot of genorousity and a great appeal to fast food fans. For the past two years , the Atlanta-based chain was named “best drive-through in America” by the quick-service resturaurant trade.(QSR MAG) The employees at Chick-fil-a strive to complete orders within 90 seconds in the drive through window and 60 seconds at the counter. Some might find it appealing how Chick-fil-a shares corporate values such as all locations being closed on Sunday,as a day of rest and worship. Operators don’t have to be cristian, but they do have to exhibit humility,passion for service,compassion,and genuineness (Huffington). At the end of each transaction at Chick-fil-a, you will hear a “My pleasure” instead of a “You’re welcome” or “Come back and see us”. Many find this particular response “distinctive and classy” and “the sort of service you expect at a much fancier and expensive

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