Fast Food Rhetorical Analysis

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Imani Napper College English D2 Edwards March 5, 2013 A.S.A.P. Foods McDonalds, Burger King, and Wendy’s are restaurant corporations that serve fast food. I’m loving it at McDonalds. Have it your way at Burger King. Quality is our recipe at Wendy’s. There are several different slogans for each company. These are slogans from the three competing fast food corporations, or A.S.A.P. foods. A.S.A.P food is food that is processed as soon as possible and distributed as soon as possible. These companies compete for costumers daily in many different manners. So the question is why are people lead to the consumption of fast food in the first place? Some typical causes of fast food are the additive taste of the food, the advertising of food, the expense of the food, both parents are working, and longer hours at work. Everyday companies are trying to find new ways to keep customers at their restaurants. They make cheap, but profitable additives to put…show more content…
Advertising of fast food keeps costumers wanting more and more. Anytime costumers see the satisfying sandwich, instantly their mouth waters for the taste of it. Local grocery stores and convenient shops have ads and coupons from the local fast food franchises. The coupons increase the costumers appeal to the restaurant because of a possible discount and full belly. The situation is very ironic because the grocery stores with nutritious food advocates for fast food restaurants that are, in context, competing with their sales. Prices of fast food products appear cheaper than full home cooked meals. On average, costumers pay four dollars for a drink, a burger, and a side item. Additionally, fast food is fast. Each fast food corporation has special procedures to keep their paying costumers happy by giving them exactly what they asked for, fast food. The corporations advertising of the prices and service speed are causes for the fast food industry to rapidly

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