Super Sizing In America

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Americans don’t only supersize the cars they drive like Dave Barry states in his article “ Another road hog with too much oink”. I think besides Americans driving big cars they continue to supersize other possessions such as fast food meals and jewelry. However, they are also supersizing the way they sell and buy merchandise, stores such as Bj’s and Costco are big warehouses that sell everything in bulks. In my opinion I think sometimes society over exaggerates on these things. Many years ago fast food restaurants such as McDonalds and Burger King had a promotion to supersize your meal. By supersizing your meal you can get an extra large fries and an extra large drink. It became so popular most fast food corporations started supersizing many items on their menu. Another the way fast food restaurants supersized their meals by adding buy one get one free. This also became very popular, you can add more to your meal like if you order a sandwich with fries and get a second sandwich free or anything on the menu for equal or less value. 7 Eleven is famous for a drink they have called Slurpee’s, they supersized the Slurpee’s five times larger. They now call it the Big Gulp. It is now common for American to buy all their needs in bulks. Costco and BJ’s are the two most popular and large wholesale corporations. Costco and BJ’s focuses on selling products at very high volume and often at low prices. These goods are usually bulk-packaged and marketed primarily to large families and businesses. For example, instead of buying one roll of paper towel you can buy a pack that brings 24 rolls. These stores also sell fresh foods like fruits and vegetables. This has become a convenience because not only can they buy in high volume and save more but they can also do it all in one place. In American society it is common to enlarge the jewelry. It seems like if you’re not

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