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Panera Bread Case Study | | | Overall Company Appraisal Since Panera bread was founded in 1981, the company has witnessed steady growth within their industry. Based on the case Panera bread from 2002-2006, we have seen a constant incline in their sales figures. In 2002 Bakery cafe sales were $212,645 million, this figure in 2006 increased to $666,141 million. These figures show that the company had a successful performance throughout the years. Panera bread’s products have always been a cut above the competition. They offer a unique Artisan style of baking. They consider themselves a superior fast food restaurant with a strategy to provide high speciality bakery and café experience to customers. This strategy fits with a broad differentiation strategy that appeals a broad range of customers. Based on the case, the company had 910 locations in 2006 competing with the top restaurant chains in the USA such as Mc Donald’s and Starbucks. Their uniqueness gave them a competitive advantage above the rest, leading to their great success in these years. It is clear from the case that Panera Bread constantly review their strategy. We feel that this has enabled the company to enhance their performance. They have changed their business strategy on a number of occasions by offering different products and services. An example of this was by encouraging their usual day customers to come and experience their evening menu. Through franchising Panera was able to expand across the USA. They expected the most from their franchisees and wanted to achieve their highest growth targets through these stores. Franchisees of Panera are constantly monitored by representatives of the company, if they don’t follow strict Panera rules and meet targets their contract will be terminated, this means that Panera can remove any potential losses for the company before they become an even

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