Weight Gain In America

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Weight Gain In America America’s weight gain problem is brought on by the fast food industry. According to “If You Pitch It, They Will Eat” by David Barboza and “It’s Portion Distortion that Makes America Fat,” by Shannon Brownlee, each article displays information about how fast food restaurants are apart of the weight gain in America. As the number of fast food restaurants increase across the country, America is becoming the fattest Nation in the World. Shannon Brownlee of the Sacramento Bee educates readers that distortion of food is the incentive to oversized Americans in her article “ It’s Portion Distortion that Makes America Fat.” According to Brownlee, “As early as 1972 McDonalds has introduced its larger sized fries which could be compared to what used to be a McDonalds medium sized size.” She immediately points the finger towards McDonalds while she targets the fast food industry for their contributions to America’s expanding weight problem. Brownlee puts the blame on the fast food industries as she explains that it is their fault for distorting portions sizes. With the intake of increasing meal sizes, individuals have begun to think larger portions of food is necessary in order to feel full. As Brownlee accuses fast food industries for the increased weight of the population, writer for the New York Times David Barboza, does the same. In his article “If You Pitch It, They Will Eat”, Barboza shoots right for the fast food industry as he remarks on the influence advertising has on the media. He writes in his article, “Big food makers such as McDonalds are finding every imaginable way to put their names in front of children.” He pulls the attention of the reader to the impact advertising and fast food industries have on individuals. Although both authors are targeting fast food industries for two separate reasons, it is evident that they both believe

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