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Mayra Morales AP English/ Comp Ms. Shultz 9 May 2012 Fast Food Nation ”This is a book about fast food, the values it embodies, and the world it has made. Fast food has proven to be a revolutionary force in American life; I am interested in it both as a commodity and as a metaphor,” said Eric (p.3). Eric Schlosser in his book discuss about immigration, labor, nutrition, pollution, safety, exploitation, animal cruelty, merchandising, obesity, and food purity. Mostly all these themes are portrayed in a negative way. How fast food industrialization has have changed the way American people eat and not only the American people- all the people of the world. Industrial and companies have changed the way they work over the years. This big corporations like…show more content…
Many American adult and children are obese or overweight and for there they could get different illness like heart attacks. “Today about 44 million American adults are obese…additional 6 million are “super-obese”, (p.240). Obesity now second only to smoking as a cause of mortality in United States. About 280,000 Americans die per day of obesity. Our children eat the worst food than our dogs. The ground beef the school lunch program buy to our children is the cheapest one. “The cheapest ground beef is not only the most likely to contaminated with pathogens, but also the most likely to contain pieces of spinal cord, bone, and gristle left behind by Automated Meat Recovery System,” (p. 218). About 45% of ground beef is bought for public schools by the USDA. I enjoy this book because it tells you how our food is really produced. It shows the truth of the slaughterhouses, their employers, and what these companies will to for money. How they treat their employees – especially immigrants and poor citizens. Some themes they cover are relevant to me and to others because it show us what really is going on those slaughterhouses and meatpacking

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