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Loni Banks English 101 Dr. Richard Higgason Evaluation Essay September 17, 2013 Home of the Flying Pepper It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a plane with a flying pepper? As unconventional as it seems--a Mexican restaurant having a plane on the roof—the building catches the eye from the highway and is a great conversation starter. The history of the restaurant is a simple story beginning with two pilots, both with a love for great Mexican food. Joe Lange and Vince Totta saw a need for authentic Mexican dining in the city of Lee’s Summit seventeen years ago. The two had a desire to create a unique theme and combine it with their love for flying. They bought a real Piper Tomahawk, and after some trial and error, learned how to mount it…show more content…
The excellent service begins as soon as the guest enters through the door with the hosts greeting everyone with a smile. The hosts’ enthusiasm shows they are ready to get everyone seated as quickly as possible, yet take the time to engage in a conversation with the visitors on the way to their table. The server assistants then bring the bottomless chips and salsa, asking if there is an interest in a hotter variety of salsa. The assistant more often than not has the chips and salsa out before the server can make an appearance at the table. Once the server arrives, it is almost like being off to the races. The wait staff takes the drink and appetizer order, also answering any questions that may arise. Depending on how long it takes the party to decide on an entrée, the appetizer often comes before the dinner order is complete. In most restaurants this means that there will be a long wait between the end of the appetizer and the main course but at Habaneros, that is not the case. The food, while made to order, never seems to take that long. They allow you just enough time to munch on your appetizer and start in on dinner time conversation before the main attraction arrives. The heat can be felt coming off the piping hot plates. As it passes by the nose of the consumer their nostrils are filled with the scent of beans and rice, bubbling melted cheese, and their chosen main dish. Once the food is delivered and all the extra requests of the guests have been fulfilled, the server then steps away from the table, allowing time to eat and have conversation without being overly interruptive. An occasional check back by the server to see how everyone is doing is the most interruption created until leftovers are boxed and the check is

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