Personal Narrative: When I Came To The Epipany

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Joseph Little Prof. Botos Eng 101-Rough Draft #1 September 1st, 2012 When I came to the epipany that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with the women of my dreams I didn’t even have to find her. We had already been dating for the past 6 years. I knew that Desiree NicoleGarrett was the one for me. I knew there was only one thing to do. Ask her to spend the rest of her natural born life with me. I knew there was going to be a lot of planning and work ahead of me. Desiree is very hard women to please and impress and I knew this would take very special planning down to the very last detail. I first started out by asking permision of her family especially her father. After getting approval the next step was figuring out what I wanted…show more content…
I left work to get things prepared for the big night. I stopped off at Mens warehouse to pick up a new silver silk tie and handkerchief to match. I also wanted to make sure that our reservations for the restaurant and hotel were still set. When Desiree arrived home from work that day she was in complete and utter shock. The house was clean, the dogs were at a babysitters and I was in my suit. I then told her that I had a night of heaven planned for her. I then instructed her to get ready for the evening. I told her the dress attire was formal and that that’s all she needed to know. Of course being a lady and all it took Desiree about two hours to get ready. Once she was completely done beautifying herself I then told her I would have to blind fold her. I gently put the blind fold on and then the night had begun. The drive to the restaurant was about 20 minutes and it was nerve wrecking for me. There were so many questions going through my mind. Did anyone tell her what was going on? Did she already know what was about to happen? These plus the biggest one of all, would she say yes were all looming through my…show more content…
Our reservation was for 7:00 pm and that already impressed her because I have never even made a doctors appointment let alone had reservations at a fancy restaurant. The hostess then took her coat and directed us to an exclusive table that I had reserved on the balcony for just the two of us. When the waiter arrived I then took the opportunity to order for the both of us. Desiree loves it when I take charge. I then proceeded to order our salads, hers with no cheese the way she likes it and our entrees. We both got the duck entrée being that was the only thing on the menu that I knew what it was. I then directed the wine connoisseur to approach the table and I ordered us both a glass of Barbaresco, Gaja 2001. Which I was told is very good. The dinner was magical as we ate some of the best food we had ever tasted and watched the most beautiful sunset we had ever witnessed. I’m not sure if it was the pollution or just God helping me out but the sunset had every color of the rainbow in

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