Red Lobster Staffing Plan

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Staffing Plan Latoya Glover MTG/431 April 2, 2010 Ben Morris Staffing Plan A staffing plan is a plan that allows the employer or employers to consider and pay attention to the staffing and the gaps. There are many reasons for the loss of employees or staff such as lack of employee engagement, the labor market changing, retirement, and wage inflation because of competition for key skills. In order to successfully run a business a demand forecast has to be considered. A company must consider how many positions is needed, how will competition affect turnover, how many will be retiring soon which will cause turnover, and what positions will become outdated. One will conduct a staffing plan for Red Lobster. Red Lobsters History…show more content…
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The Red Lobster located on John R in Madison Heights Michigan is a high volume store, therefore, the number of staff have to be a little higher than the average Red Lobster. The Madison Heights location needs 3 to 4 host or hostess Monday thru Thursday and 5 to 7 host or hostess Friday thru Sunday. The host and hostess job is to greet the guest as they enter and leave the restaurant as well as take guest to his or her seat. The restaurant needs 7 to 9 day servers and 10 to 13 night servers Monday thru Thursday. The restaurant needs 9 to 12 day servers and 13 to 16 night servers Friday thru Sunday. The server job is to serve the guest and meet his or her need accordingly. On a daily Red Lobster needs 1 to 2 bussers on duty. The busser is responsible for bussing, cleaning, and resetting tables. This location needs 2 to 3 bartenders Monday thru Thursday and 4 to 5 bartenders Friday thru Sunday. The bartender job is to multitask by serving food, drinks, and carryout’s to the guests. Red Lobster needs 1 alley coordinator Monday thru Thursday and 2 alley coordinators Friday thru Sunday. The alley coordinator is responsible for dressing the food and keeping the alley clean. Red Lobster needs 2 line cooks daily and 4 line cooks nightly. The line cooks prepare the food via grill, fryer, or steamers. The restaurant needs 3 dishwashers daily and 2 bread bakers daily. The dishwashers clean all dishes as well as do

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