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Week 3 Assignment 1: Identify Your Competitive Advantage Chipotle Mexican Grill was a business idea that Steve Ells, founder and CEO, put into operation in 1993 in Denver, Colorado. His idea was “to build a place where you could eat delicious food made of the finest ingredients quickly and affordably” ( Beginning in 1999 thru present date, Steve Ells adopted the practice of using naturally raised pork, chicken and beef, and only purchasing “from ranches that meet or exceed” their “naturally raised standards” ( This was just the beginning of Steve Ells’ dream to provide consumers with quality food at a reasonable price. Today, according to, “there are nearly 1,500 Chipotles in 44 states…show more content…
With the trends of healthy eating becoming more prominent in the marketplace, Chipotle has an advantage with their ability to provide the consumer with fresher products than their competition. Another strength of Chipotle is that they have a tendency to promote personnel from within the company. This allows the company to maintain their high standards by retaining employees who are knowledgeable about the product and expectations of the company and their customers. Ells stated that “we can teach people how to run a Chipotle…but you can’t teach someone how to be polite and hospitable and high-energy and smart and ambitious and curious and happy and respectful and honest and presentable and conscientious and motivated and infectiously enthusiastic” ( This prompted Monty Moran, co-CEO, to develop the “restaurateur program” which gives employees the ability to advance quickly through the ranks of the company. Chipotle can utilize this strength by ensuring that their employees remain happy working for the company, who will promote a higher standard of customer satisfaction resulting in customer loyalty and limiting these customers from spending money with the

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