Intergrative Paper on Kotter & Cohen

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The Heart of Change: Real-life Stories of How People Change Their Organizations Name University Prepared for: Professor Name Course Name Abstract John P. Kotter and Dan S. Cohen’s, The Heart of Change, Real Life Stories of How People Change Their Organizations and John M. Ivancevich’s Organizational Behavior and Management discuss how change comes with opportunities and problems while making decisions along the way. According to Kotter and Cohen, there are eight steps to a successful process to any organization or business. Ivancevich explains that change within an organization is based primarily on one’s behavior when push comes to shove. Kotter and Ivancevich believe that an organization can be successful with communication, control and sufficiency to implement a solid foundation for continual growth. I will now elaborate on the eight stages and whether they work with or against the organizational behavior process. Keywords: Organization, motivation, change Step 1: Increase Urgency The first step is increase urgency, “is making sure people act with sufficient urgency” (Kotter and Cohen 15). Even if the urgency is with a large company or not, businesses grow by producing a sense of urgency with the decision making process. A good sense of urgency beams a sense of “let’s go” (Kotter and Cohen 15). Sufficient urgency is an excellent motivator for those in leadership roles. According to Ivancevich, urgency refers to a timely manner in completing tasks. Ivancevich feels urgency is critical when making any type of decisions because concerns that are prioritized may increase urgency. Furthermore, “the importance of effective leadership for obtaining individual, group and organizational performance is so critical that it has stimulated a great deal of effort to determine the causes of such leadership” (Organizational Behavior, 25). Step 2:
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