Kotter's 8 Step Model

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Change management is a style of management that aims to encourage organizations and individuals to deal effectively with the changes taking place in their work.(English Collins Dictionary) Change is inevitable so to adopt a good change management strategy is very important for an organisation. Kotter a professor at Harvard Business School in his 8 step change model shows how to create an effective change. The very first and the base step is to create urgency that is to know what the whole company really wants and examining the market in which the organization operates.This is the most important step because if this step goes wrong your whole model may fail and even lead to losses.Second step is to form a powerful coalition that is to form a team of influential people who can convince other people in the organisation that change in necesaary and needed. Just managing a change isnt enough a goodleadership is equally important to lead it. Third step is to create a vision for change which explains the members of the organisation how their future is going to be different from the past. This involves linking of ideas and concepts to an overall vision that members can grasp easily.Setting a clear vision can help everyone understand why is this change needed and can help curb resistance.The fourth step is communicating the vision to each and every member of the organisation as frequently and powerfully as possible to that it remains fresh on their mind and remember it. For communicating the vision for transformation it should be simple and vivid.Fifth step requires removing of barriers. There are many people who resist change and become an obstacle which lead to undermine the vision. Organisation must get rid of these obstacles in order to make the change move forward. Sixth step is creating short term wins, that is to reward people for their progress towards change.
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