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The importance of smart and effective business communication is being felt by more than ever before, according to the journal article written by Garima Barida in December 2010. The article explains how the multicultural world we live in and what effect globalisation has had on the business world, thus making effective communication skills more valuable than ever. The article has a strong theme that “in business, communication is everything” (Robert Kent, former dean od Harvard Business School.) Aside from that common theme, the article also explains the effects of the constantly changing environments. An example is the flattening of organisations structures and thus the increased importance placed upon communication in management roles. (pg 29, Bardia 2010) Throughout the core of the article, the author explains in detail some of the different aspects of communication that a manager encounters in a changing organisation. The changing environments facing the corporate world are creating new ways for managers to communicate. The Journal article explains how there is; group communication, increased emphasis on informal communication, the increased use of information technology in communication and cross cultural communication all playing a major part in how organisations are run and operate ( pg 31,32, Bardia 2010). This part of the article was appealing as it provides an excellent resource for the major assignment, and would aid in describing the systems and structures communication can be organised and provided in organisations. The journal article is concluded with a few short paragraphs, concluding that the increase in the use of technology has definitely increased efficiency. (pg 32, Bardia 2010) However, it also completes the article in the same way it begun, with outlining the importance of good communication in today’s business world. The majority of

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