Bridge's Transition Model

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“ Managing Transition “ By William Bridges Contents : I. Introduction II. About the author III. Description of the model IV. Application V. Personal opinion VI. References Student: Raducanu George Cosmin Department : BBT Class: ETB4FY I. Introduction Change management is a systematic approach to dealing with change, both from the perspective of an organization and on the individual level. Successful adaptation to change is as crucial within an organization as it is in the real world. The more effectively you deal with change, the more likely you are to prosper. For an organization, change management means defining and implementing procedures to deal with changes in the business environment and to profit from these changes. In this essay I will discuss about a way to manage the transition from the perspective of Mr. William Bridges. II. About the author WILLIAM BRIDGES, Ph.D., President William (Bill) Bridges is a PhD and internationally known pioneer in the field of “change and transition management”. For three decades, his concepts have helped thousands of individuals and organizations navigate through difficult process of organizational transition and his books have sold over a million copies. In the 90’s he published “Managing Transitions: Making the Most of Change”, a guide for supporting change in organizations where he made some important points about the human behavior and the capacity to deal with change . Since then has written a few more books related to this topic but the most significant was “The Way of Transitions: Embracing Life’s Most Difficult Moments” in 2001. III. Description of the model Bridges’ model has 3 steps: Ending Neutral Zone New Beginning Bridges in particular talks about the psychological transition where people over time become aware of the new situation and the

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