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Importance Of Success Essay

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The Importance Of Succeeding
Success is to reach a desired goal. To me succeeding means making the best out of any obstacle that has come to me, whether they are easy or challenging. When I succeed in those obstacles then it’ll make me become a better person. I’ve set goals for myself, and when I don’t follow through with them then I’m not succeeding or doing my very best. For example, my goal for grade 10 was to be on the honor roll list. I let certain activities get in the way of that. Another example is that I was going to take advantage of all the help that was available to me in school and I didn’t. So for the most part I haven’t lived up to my definition of what it takes to succeed and becoming a successful person, even though succeeding is one of the many ways of receiving a good education.
Why am I forced to attend school? Does having a good education really matter? Those are some of the questions that flow through my mind all the time. Today, the world continues to advance in technology. Now, many jobs require more and more training. It’s almost to the point now where to get a good paying job I would need a college (at least four years) diploma to support for myself. When I say support for myself I mean living on my own, buying my own clothes and shoes, and paying on my own car. True enough a job somewhere at a fast food place would be good for me now, but I look forward to what’s going to benefit me in my years to come. Employers today look more at your educational background more than anything. If I strive hard to receive a good education I believe I would value life way more than I would without one. So I’ll have to think twice the next time the thought that a good education is not necessary crosses my mind. I’ll ask myself, do I want to be somewhere having to practice saying, “Would you like fries with that?”
Failing is most defiantly not the way to success. The past year I have become a failure. There are no excuses to justify why I’d began to let...

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