Summary: Unicorn Locked Up Behind Bars

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Nicole Vala Stephanie Forest ENG 1101-777 19 September 2014 Unicorn Locked Up Behind Bars In Charleston Prison Malcolm X was like a unicorn criminal that was uniquely set apart from any other inmates in his day even to present times. Even though he was sent to prison he took full advantage of the materials the prison had to offer to enhance where he lacked educationally. A point I would like to address is prisoners/criminals need support too. Like Malcolm X, I myself struggle educationally as a well, by having ADHD. We do have to see from life’s struggles evolves dedication and changes an individual’s path forever. As an inmate he probably could have thanked his criminal act for his fresh start. Malcolm X had said, “I don’t think…show more content…
He mentioned, “I would have quit even these motions, unless I had received the motivation I did.” (X 640). Criminals/prisoners need support too! The reason this is, they all were given two choices in reality rehabilitation or education for free, an equal opportunity that would not be the same situation outside the prison walls. Inasmuch, if we support criminals they will less likely return to old habits because they would be educated and have more opportunities provided. Lastly, we can thank the educated few that inspired and drove Malcolm to change his…show more content…
It is hard to focus and my study methods are vastly differed from those of an average college student. I am an aspiring student but struggles with focusing in on main projects as I want to ramble in a different direction. In order to get past this I must get in to a routine that requires a type of consistency in my studies. In the same way, Malcolm X had to learn to enhance his education he had to study consistently all day and every free moment in his day. I have to do the same in order to become a successful student. Malcolm X said, “I don’t think anybody ever got more out of going to prison than I did. In fact, prison enabled me to study far more intensively…” (X 643). I related to this because my children are my drive in life and the job I have now is like a prison as a consequence, I also long to be set free. To put it briefly, I want a change in my life as Malcolm X was able to obtain through

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