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Narrative My name is Branson Barras, I am 17 years old. I was born September 15, 1996 at 2:26 pm at Dautrieve Hospital in New Iberia, Louisiana to the parents of Darius Troy Barras and Dena Catherine Mouton, who are also from New Iberia. I have a brother named Darien Troy Barras born two years after me in November. I have an older sister named Brittany Lynn Barras (age 29) from my dad’s previous marriage to Chandra Menard. I also have a little sister born August of 2007 to my mom and her new husband since 2006 named Angelique Catherine LeBouef. I started my educational journey at Daspit Elementary and now I am a senior at Westgate High School. I am doing this paper for Mr. Bernard’s Western Civilizations class. I was born and raised here as a Cajun boy. I have lived most of my life at 628 Colleen Street in New Iberia. Two of my most favorite things to do in my pastime is ride four-wheeler and going hunting. I enjoy playing guitar and Xbox with my brother and friends from time to time. I am also a saxophone player in Westgate Band, which I have been playing for the better part of seven years I…show more content…
I am just an everyday averagely ordinary guy who is fighting my way through education and work. I am at this moment stuck between jobs. Hopefully life will not be always be this way. Here’s to hopes of a greater future. My Academic Philosophy I feel that education is in place to help students to fully achieve their goals in life. Students of today are our tomorrow. High school is here to help us set our GPA so that we can apply to a great college. When I entered ninth grade, I thought I knew what I was capable of, but I was wrong. As time went on I realized that I needed so much more. I know now that teachers are here to teach us and what we learn is valuable throughout life. My GPA is important to my future and so is my ACT’s. With this said, I hope that I end up in a great college and a great

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