Freidman Family Assessment

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Freidman Family Assesment Dawn Targon February 4, 2013 Freidman Family Assesment Identifying data: The family consists of a mother AG , mother’s live in boyfriend CF, mother’s biological daughter NG, boyfriends biological daughter JF. The family lives in Tonawanda New York. The mother (AG) is a caucasion 32 years old has been a Registered Nurse at ECMC for 12 years. The boyfriend (CF) is a caucasion 38 years old is an honorably discharged veteran with permanent disability status. The mother’s daughter (NJ) is a caucasion 8 years old in third grade at Fletcher elementary school. The boyfriend’s daughter is biracial with a caucasion father and an African American mother who is 10 years old in 4th grade at Kenmore elementary school. The family is middle class and attends the St. Timothy Parish. Primary Language of the family is English. They currently have a mortage of $750.00 a month. The mother graduated high school and attended Trocaire College and received her RN. The boyfriend finished high school and enlisted in the United States Army where he served for 7 years until he was honorably discharged after serving in the war in Iraq. The family loves to have pool parties, go to the beach, have Bar B-Q’s, loves reptiles, go for motorcycle rides, camping and enjoys concerts ranging from country to heavy metal. Developmental stage and History of family Both adults in the family are in their thirty’s and are in Erickson’s Developmental stage of Intimacy vs. stagnation according to Erickson this stage is to form intimate loving relationships with other people. The daughters are in the school age stage which states that children need to cope with new social and academic demands and success leads to a sense of competence. The mother’s father is still living whom she was estranged from for 2 years and starting to reconcile over the past three months. The

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