Running Head: Family Assessment

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Running Head: FAMILY ASSESSMENT Family Assessment Student: Surakshya Shrestha Course: Role Development II February 10, 2009 Winona State University Friedman Family Assessment The family that I am working with is from Winona County. A detailed study of this family was very interesting to me, and proved to be a great opportunity to learn new skills and knowledge. This white American family is an extended family comprising of 38 years M.S married for eight years to his wife E.S who is 33 years old, their five month old son, and 66 year old mother. The family was assessed in various aspects using Friedman Family Assessment. Also, a genogram and ecomap was drawn, including home safety assessment. Firstly, occupational and educational data revealed M.S to be a truck driver for one of the reputed companies in the neighborhood and has high school and two years of college education. His mother who is an older adult still works in a hospital as a desk officer; she has a two year college degree in business. M.S’s wife E.S is a housewife, and she looks after the baby. She has high school level education and used to work before she had her child. Their child, A.S, is five months old who was born with congenital positional clubbed feet. Secondly, environmental assessment was taken where it was evident that the family was very careful about the home safety. According to the home safety assessment, the couples had done 63% of the listed items, while they anticipated 20% to do in future, and 18 % did not apply to them. Their neighborhood is a very quiet place, without any history of drug abuse or any kind of police involved cases. This family is in close contact with their neighbors as they attend many of the block parties organized frequently during summer. In addition to that, this family tries to talk to their neighbors at least

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