Social Emotional Observation

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Physical Observation Milli The child’s name is Milagros Romero. Her identification is a female. Her age is four years old, and her date of birth is April 09,2008. Her grade in school is pre-kinder. She attends Beachy elementary school witch is a LAUSD. The child appearance it’s a serious girl she barley talks when she’s around with people, but when she’s with her parents she talks none stop. She’s tall a little obesity. Her height its four feet’s tall, and her weight its seventy-five pounds. Her eye colors are dark brown , and her hair color is black. The child like to wear dresses but for this moment she’s wearing a skirt and its gray with strips, and white dirty shirt. Is casual clothes. She’s also wearing some sketcher tennis shoes and the lights turn on in the dark. The sibling of the child are that she has a baby sister name Alejandra Romero, she’s barley five months of age. Her mother is a really young mother she twenty years old her name is Karen Marquez she doesn’t work at all but she attends school and she’s a full students at Los Angeles Mission School. Her mother major is Child Development. The child’s father he works at construction (making pools) his name is Alejandro Romero. His age is twenty-five years old. Her parents is in Low income parents because the father only works. The child observation is at her grandma apt because that’s where they are renting right know so it’s more her house. They live at Arleta CA 91331. The other relevant is that the child I’m observing is on the stage of physical Motor Development is on Chapter 7 Early childhood (3 through 6 years old ). It just talk about children how they grow the body and brain develops. It actually when children grow up two or three inches and gain up to five an half pounds every year, but the child that I observe it look that gains weight every month because she’s little obesity .

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