Observation on Middle Childhood

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Reflection on Middle Childhood Middle Childhood is a period of time in which children gain a sense of self and build on cognitive abilities learned in Early Childhood. Sigmund Freud labeled this time in a child’s life the “latency stage” because sexual and aggressive urges are repressed, and possibly because physical growth is slow and steady. The subject of my middle childhood interview was Lisa, a nine-year-old Caucasian female in her home located in Highland Park, as well as a twenty minute observation across the street at a neighborhood park. She is an only child that lives with her mother in an apartment and visits her father in Stephenville twice a month, as well as two months every summer. Lisa’s mother, a teacher in DISD, divorced the father four years ago and intentionally moved to Highland Park for the quality of the school district. Lisa is four foot, four inches and weighs seventy-five pounds. Lisa’s mother believes her daughter is about to go through a growth spurt as her stomach area appears to still have some “belly fat” and her trunk has yet to elongate. Lisa’s room was decorated in pink and held a wide assortment of toys, dolls, movies, and electronic equipment such as a television, DVD player, game system, and a laptop. She is a fourth grade student at John S. Armstrong Elementary School in Highland Park and was eager to show us her homework assignments and various worksheets she had recently completed at school. Lisa is a straight-A student and appears to be very proud of her scholastic accomplishments. She happily reported that she is a member of an incentive book club, loves to read, and routinely makes a perfect score on her spelling tests. Piaget’s concrete operational stage is evidenced through Lisa’s ability to master certain school subjects and her domain of knowledge specializes in social studies. Lisa was articulate

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