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Perez, Enrique English 1301.257 Caroline Mains March 30, 2014 A big part of one’s life may be attending school because that is what leads them to the career they wish to be in for the rest of their living. I have learned so much because of the challenges I have faced throughout my academic career. I have put up with crazy teachers, tough assignments, and my own uncertainty of things. To this day I am happy to say that I have gotten passed those things and will keep beating more problems to get to where I will be later in life. During my high school years, a big issue of mine was some of the teachers. Some of them never really seemed to care. They wouldn’t listen and they wouldn’t help. The other half of the teachers made me feel like…show more content…
Maybe some of the times were my fault for falling behind due to procrastination but a lot of times I blew it off because I didn’t know how to begin or how to do it at all. When I finally had enough I started to stay after school to receive tutoring and to make up assignments and it made me wish I had done that a long time before. Being able to actually do the work that was given to me was having so much weight taken off my shoulders. When it was time to start deciding what I wanted to study in college, I drowned myself in stress all over again. I saw everyone else around me getting their acceptance letters and I knew that they were set. They knew what they were going to major in and they had everything going the way they have always planned. Then there was me. I was still unsure of what I was going to end up doing with my life. Eventually I ended up choosing culinary arts. So I started to attend classes but I never felt happy inside. I talked to my mom and she told me that I needed to do something that I definitely loved and enjoyed. Finally, I am content with where I am. Academically and mentally. I got through high school and I have decided where I’m headed. In a couple of years I will major in music and I’m glad to say that I have conquered many challenges getting here. Thanks to the bumps I have ran over I know I can get through any other struggles in school and out in the

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