Impacted My Life

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How my Siblings impacted my life Growing up I can remember thinking that I did not want to be like any of my siblings, due to the lifestyle they lived. Not having any kids before my 21st birthday and getting married were two of my goals. If I were to move to the United States, I wanted to work for a living and not sell drugs in order to remain in America legally. Being the youngest of five, I saw a lot growing up, and I had enough wisdom to know that I did not want to live the life my siblings chose. Because of all the mistakes my siblings made, it impacted my life in a very positive way which encouraged me not to follow in their footsteps and not have the same regrets they did. By my 21st birthday, I had not become a father considering I was in a long term relationship. For that reason, taking all the precautionary measures was a must. My oldest brother had his first baby when he was 19, my sister at 21, and my other two brothers at 20. What made me not want to be a father at that age was that I saw how it affected their lives with all the responsibilities that came with being a parent at such a young age. Not having kids before I was 21 was like a dream come true for me because I set a personal goal for myself, and I achieved it. After achieving my first personal goal, I had my heart set on the next thing: getting married and then starting my own family. This was something none of my siblings had ever done as well. I got married to the most beautiful woman on April 24, 2004. I was 25 when I got married, and still no kids. It was not until seven years later when I was 32 that my first child was born. During this time all my siblings had at least two kids. I was the last one to make my dad a grandfather, and in my siblings’ eyes, it was like forever. Getting married and having a family of my own was another achievement in my life. It was hard for
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