Miss Emily's Life

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Throughout Miss Emily’s life, most of the people in it have had an effect on her behavior. The people that influenced Miss Emily not only affected her inner self, but also her outer self. Miss Emily’s father is the main person who influenced her throughout her lifetime. In Miss Emily’s life, her father really sheltered her. He was the most important person that led Emily’s behavior and made her act the way she did. Even when her father had died, Emily was still under his control. Because of the pressure that Emily’s father put on her, Emily’s mind and even her actions became very strange and altered. Emily’s father not only controlled her actions and how she felt about things, but he also affected her love and relationships with other men. Her father had said, “None of the young men were quite good enough for Miss Emily and such.” (364) Her father never allowed her to make her own decisions even when she was almost 30 years old. Many people think that maybe the reason why he was so strict with Miss Emily and why he put so much pressure on her could have traced back to her family. Emily’s family was a very noble family and her father had thought that they were the most prominent in the entire town and that no one else was fit for Miss Emily. Any time a man would come close to being a part of Emily’s life, her father would not allow it and he would chase them all off. Her father had kept her away from any experience with love that she might ever have known. He was the only person that Emily loved and cared for, until she met Homer Barron. The loneliness in Miss Emily’s life was the cause of her failure to let go of the ones that she loved. For instance, her father was the only person that she had, so when he died, she refused his death so that she could hold onto him to have him in her life still. So the reason that Emily killed her lover, Homer, was to keep him in her

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