Negative Effects of Underage Drinking

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The Negative Effects of Underage Drinking I am writing this essay because I was caught drinking under the age of alcohol consumption. I regret it deeply because I could have gotten into a lot of trouble, and it really is not worth it. I could have gotten jail time and a hefty fine if I was 18 or older and that isn’t good. Some of the negative effects of underage drinking are one, it could have ruined me chance of going to college since nobody wants a trouble maker at their school and that would’ve devastated me. Going to college is my number one priority and I could’ve lost that all in one night and it was very stupid of me. I also could’ve lost my car if I had decided to drive that night, and also my life or anybody else’s. I know I would never drink and drive but when you’re under the influence you can’t think right. You also lose your morals while intoxicated which isn’t good and it fogs your judgment for what is right. Alcohol is nothing to be messing around with until your 21 or older, I made that mistake and now I have to pay the consequences. I know I made a stupid decision and I regret it and I know I won’t be making that same mistake again. Some negative effects of underage drinking can lead to the loss of friendships and relationships with loved ones, . The possibility of losing my license due to drinking underage would be horrible, I would have no way to school and also it would affect my siblings since I have to go and pick them up. Im lucky that I didn’t get in as much trouble as I should have and im very thankful for that I didn’t mean to do anything wrong but I know that I was wrong for drinking underage. The people I could’ve hurt or even hurt myself is something i don’t even want to think about. The thought of harming somebody else because of my actions makes me very uneasy. I just want to say that I am sorry for what I have done, I wont

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