Always an Immigrant

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Last name 1 Name teacher’s name English 109 February 6, 2013 Always Immigrant. I was just 12 years old when my parents decided to look up for new horizons. I was too young to decide what was best thing for me. Even when I didn’t understand much, I didn’t like the idea of coming to a new country and start all over again. I was scared because I didn’t know anybody besides a few uncles. I knew that in USA people speak another language but I was just staring to learn it on my country and it was hard. I just didn’t feel ready to meet United States yet. However I knew that I didn’t have another option, so I decide to try my best and make my parents proud of me. Some of my goals were to learn English, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to communicate and succeed as an immigrant. The decision to come to USA was my parents decision , at first it was hard because I didn’t like the idea, but later on I realize that I didn’t have other option so I decided to start learning . “In America everybody can be successful and if we try hard everybody can make their dreams come true” my teacher used to always tell me that and I could never forget it even when she forgets to told me that it wouldn’t be easy. At first I felt that I could never learn, because when I was listening it sounds like people said 1000 words without pause. Well that’s because I don’t know how to speak it an I try to listen what people said, but it always got me confused Last name 2 because when I read, it was so different from what I heard. It was my fault because I was reading it with the Spanish pronunciation, which makes it harder. My dad speaks English and he was always there for me when I needed help and that helped me a lot. Sometimes teachers are kind of rude. When I was just learning English I used to have a health issue, I used to feel dizzy and feinted. One day I was feeling thirsty and
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