Impact Of Culture Psychology Essay

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Unit 1 n Impact of Culture o The Psychology A. Situated Practice Task A 1 Discuss the following questions. 1. What do you think makes people different? 2. At first glance on the topic, what do you think you will learn from the passage, ‘The Impact of Culture on Psychology’? 3. What do you think could possibly be the connection between ‘culture’ and ‘psychology’? 4. Have a quick look through the overall passage, what do you think would make it difficult for you to read this text? What would make you want to read this text? Task A2 : Read the following passage. Pause at the end of each paragraph and make a prediction of what is going to be discussed in the following paragraph. Why do you think so? The Impact of Culture on Psychology Each person is uniquely different, yet in some ways, people are very much alike. They tend to live in groups, develop religious beliefs, and create rules, music, and games. Similarly, the principles of nerve cell activity or reactions to heat or a sour taste are the same in men and women the world over, as is their recognition of a smile. This is not true of all characteristics, however. It turns out that the forces that motivate people, the development of moral thought, and patterns of interpersonal communication are not universal. Sociocultural variables shape people’s experiences and what they learn from them. These variables include social identity, gender, ethnicity, social class, and culture. They lead to many significant differences in behavior and mental processes, especially across cultures (Triandis, 1996; Peplau & Taylor, 1997). What do you think is going to be discussed in the next paragraph? Why? ____________________________________________________________ ___________________ Culture has been defined as the accumulation of values, rules of behavior, forms of expression, religious beliefs, occupational choices, and

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