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Culture Appropriation After reading through the different articles and text, I’ve come to the conclusion that culture appropriation is basically not having enough thought to someone else’s culture. There is much confusion when it comes to the meaning of cultural appropriation. The literal meaning begins with Culture-Anthropological: the sum total of the attainments and learned behavior patterns of any specific period, race or people; Appropriation's meaning is to take for one's own use. It can be taken and used in many different ways, such as comical, offensive, or even just plain wrong. Me personally, I’ve found some funny but mostly it’s just offensive and lack in poor taste. There are most definitely some positive things that happen in culture appropriation. One of the things I personally like to see is the mixture of cultures. I just think it’s so cool to see people overseas listening to rap music. I like to see the culture of my generation spread overseas and turn some things that are negative into a positive light. Also, another positive thing would be interracial marriages. The blending together of two cultures is a beautiful thing that I like to see. You get to learn about another culture or religion, and you’re being exposed to new ways of thinking. You can incorporate things like this in your everyday life. These are just a few of the positive things in the vast field of cultural appropriation. Now, we get to the negatives of culture appropriation. I could honestly write the whole paper about this subject, but that’ll be too easy. When a style of a culture is appropriated, the people of that particular culture tend to have overwhelming feelings of anger and the thought of having been used. For example, one of the most copied and most frequently offended groups of people, are the Native Americans. One of my favorite things to do on Saturday’s, is

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