PSY 405: Personality Analysis And Learning Theory

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Personality Analysis Jan George 1 Oct 2012 PSY/405 University of Phoenix Dr. Wakley Personality Analysis Introduction When analyzing the development on how the research of the Psychologists theories on the reaction that was analyzed of the psychology of the individual and the trait and factor theories. However, the theory of the assumptions of the Psychologist approach concerning the behavior of a person’s personalities is examined with understanding of the conscious motivation, the characteristics, the factor analysis, and personality traits. In addition to the behavioral analysis, and social cognitive learning. This paper will analyze and compare and contrast of both theories dispositional and learning theory. As well as “describe the role of personality in affecting situational behavior and examine the personality quality associate with as well as describe the interpersonal relational aspects associated with the two of the theoretical approaches” of first the dispositional and second the learning. Dispositional Theories Basic Assumption Some of the basic…show more content…
For example if a person believes that education is the only way to get success no matter what anyone else’s views are concerning education. In a family of four children all the children could be taught to the importance of education, but not all respond the same. However, family, friends, religion and schools can influence the Learning theory of interpersonal relational aspects. The relationships and influences can have a reaction the outcome of a personality of a person. For example according to Skinner “human behavior does not stem from an act of the will, but like any observable phenomenon, it is lawfully determined and can be studied scientifically “(Feist & Feist,
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