Personality Theory Paper

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Personality Theory Vaughn Dashiell Liberty University Abstract The Personality Theory has 6 major ideas that make it up. Throughout history we see the development of Personality Theories from prestigious psychologist and scholars from all over the world. The word personality is derived from the Latin word persona. This word was referred to a theatrical mask work by performers in order to either project different roles or disguise their identities. So many different pieces make up personality in a person. How a person may view themselves and dealing with nature verse nurture. Diving into the Unconscious and dealing with the inner self. The Theories of Personality require extensive study and research, which has been done and will be explained in this paper. Personality Theory Personality Theory is a diverse, in-depth topic that requires careful consideration and attention. What drives behaviors in society to make people act the way they do? What causes people to think the way they think? The study of personality or what is personality focuses on two main areas – understanding how the various characteristics of a person come together to make up the entire person. The other point is understanding the individual differences in personality characteristics, such as irritability or sociability. Personality psychology is studying how we are each unique. This is focusing on how human beings are different in terms of fundamental psychological traits. After we uncover the trait; finding out how they are discovered is next. Finding out what impacts a person during their lifetime and drives their motivation. The Theorist that focus on personality look at points like these. Personality ultimately can be divided into major groups and explained to aid in the understanding of the person. Foundations of Personality Nature versus Nurture Since the beginning of the
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