Personality Development Paper

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Personality Development Paper University of Phoenix PSYCH 504 Dr. Donna February 04, 2013 Personality Development Paper Introduction There are several features which contribute to the development of the individual's personality. Many of these factors are adequately discussed in theories of personality development. As society continues to develop into a great melting pot, there is an increase need to research other contributing factors to the development of personalities; focus on cultural, gene-environment influence will be discussed in this paper. The studies of twin inheritability of personality, and the contributing factors over a period of time into adulthood will discussed as well. Lastly, the various personality models may be changed to justify for the differences in the personal, societal, and cultural will be discussed. Influence of Cultural A person’s culture can be defined as everything that makes up an individual’s life. Culture influences in the development of a child continues into adulthood. Culture effects personality in a variety of ways. Behaviors tend to be culturally patterned with childhood experiences influencing personality as an adult and socialization throughout childhood and adulthood shape personality patterns. “It shapes a person’s emotions, thoughts, behaviors, cultural values and norms to fit into function as productive members in the surrounding human society” (Kelly, Scruggs, Lawrence, and Mcghee-Snow, n.d., para.1). Some of the principal concepts of cultures factor on personality are the basic personality structure approach, the configurationally approach, the cultural determinism, Gastalt theory, and the model personality approach. However, these are not all of the theories or approaches in the study of culture and personality. The basic personality structure approach was developed by
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