The Effects of Authoritative Parenting on Children

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The Effects of Authoritative Parenting on Children Authoritative parenting is an effective tool in raising a child that is equipped with positive traits of behavior, personality, and self-independence. These three concepts allow an individual to progress through life with well-rounded rationality, moral values, and social skills. “Of the four types of parenting styles, authoritative parenting produces the most well adjusted children. Authoritative parents are well balanced in their approach; they are warm and loving with firm limits and rules in place for their children. Punishment in these homes is rare, as authoritative parents use natural consequences so their children are able to learn and grow from their mistakes. Children of authoritative parents are encouraged to be independent and meet their parents' high standards, which results in a positive sense of self” (Schmidt, 2011). "They monitor and impart clear standards for their children’s conduct. They are assertive, but not intrusive and restrictive. Their disciplinary methods are supportive, rather than punitive. They want their children to be assertive as well as socially responsible, and self-regulated as well as cooperative" (Baumrind, 1991, p. 62). Although most parents use a combination of all four styles of parenting, the basic principles of authoritative parenting are very effective. Parents all have different parenting styles and for those that do not have children, they know how they want to raise their children. Two individuals that have children and two individuals that have not had children were interviewed and asked these four questions; “What makes an effective parent?’ ‘How do you know if you were an effective parent?’ ‘Which of the four parenting styles do you feel is most effective?’ and ‘Which style of parenting were you brought up with and do you wish you would have had been

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