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Chapter Overview 2.1 Psychological Investigation The Scientific Method in Psychology Why Is the Scientific Method Important? CONCEPT LEARNING CHECK 2.1 Within or 2.3 Experimental Research CONCEPT LEARNING CHECK 2.3 Designing an Experiment 2.4 Statistical Analysis Measures of Central Tendency and Variance Making Inferences with Statistics Between? 2.2 Descriptive Research Naturalistic Observation Case Studies Surveys Correlational Studies CONCEPT LEARNING CHECK 2.4 Summarizing with Statistics CONCEPT LEARNING CHECK 2.2 What Do Correlations Mean? 2 Learning Objectives A Scientific Approach to Psychology 2.1 Define psychological science. Describe the steps in the scientific method in psychology. Discuss the importance of the scientific method. Identify design choices in research. 2.2 Explain the goals of descriptive research. Discuss the components of a naturalistic observation study. Compare and contrast case studies, surveys, and correlational studies in terms of descriptive research. 2.3 2.4 2.5 Describe the components of a psychological experiment. Illustrate the central tendency of, and the variation among, a set of scores in describing data. Describe what it means when a study shows an effect that is statistically significant. Examine the rights of participants in research identified in the Belmont Report. Contrast the ethical guidelines for human research studies and animal research studies. 2.5 Ethics in Psychological Research Human Participants Animal Studies Summary of Multiple Influences on a Scientific Approach to Psychology CONCEPT LEARNING CHECK 2.5 Ethics in Psychological Studies CRITICAL THINKING APPLICATION 31 y first month of graduate school, I was ready to run my very first experiment. The students in an introduction to psychology course at the school had begun signing up
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