Personality Analysis Paper

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Personality Analysis Paper Jessica Ogunlanoh Psych/ 405 03/28/11 Linda O’ Conner Personality Analysis Paper 1 Various personality theories provide different explanations how situational behavior becomes affected by personality. The two theories to be addressed in this paper are the humanistic/existential and dispositional theories. The humanistic/existential perspective considers the entire person when trying to explain the development of personality and acknowledges the potential within each individual when doing so. On the other hand, the dispositional perspective pays close attention to his or her traits when describing the development of personality, which according to this view are the building blocks of one’s personality. To understand more clearly the differences between the humanistic/existential and dispositional theories, the writer will compare and contrast them. In addition, the role of personality in affecting situational behavior will be described and the personality characteristics attributed to each theory will be examined. Finally, an explanation will be provided focusing on the interpersonal relational aspects that are related to each of the theories. The Role of Personality in Affecting Situational Behavior One’s personality can influence different kinds of behaviors and clearly plays a certain role in situational behavior. It has been always assumed that there is only one of his or her kind and one will most likely act differently from another, even if the situation is very similar. Through observation and years of research, it was concluded that different personalities allow various behaviors. How that is possible can be seen in the following example. Very often, parents acknowledge these personality/behavior differences in their own children. Children coming from the same
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