Social Psychology and Multicultural Psychology Paper

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Social Psychology and Multicultural Psychology Paper Define social psychology. With the mind being the axis in which social behavior pivots around, social psychologists will study what the relationship is between a person’s mind and their social behavior. Social psychology it will try to attempt to understand what the relationship is between the mind, social groups, and social behavior in three different ways. The first way would be that they try to understand how people’s thoughts, their feelings, and their behaviors, will be influenced by the actual presence, the imagined presence, or even the implied presence of other people. The second way would be to try to understand what the influence is on a person’s perception and on their behavior when it comes to the behavior of a social group. The third and final way would be to try and to understand the different social groups as a behavioral entity and what if any are the relationships and what are the influences that one social group shall have on another social group. Furthermore social psychology is the study of the nature and of the causes of how a person behaves in a social matter. Describe the primary research strategies used in social psychology and give an example of each. The first would be descriptive research. The goal when it comes to descriptive research is to show what is already in existence within a group or within a population. An example of descriptive research would be an opinion poll, this is used to help to find out which political candidates people in a certain area plan on voting for in the next up in coming election. Another example would be to conduct a survey in a certain area to find out the residents attitude when it comes to certain social issues, for example the attitude when it comes to something like capital punishment. The second one would be correlational research. This
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