Identity and Belonging

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ESSAY Every human being belongs or strives to belong to exclusive groups as it is a part of our human nature. Belonging to certain groups comes with benefits but also inevitable costs. An individual’s identity can be compromised, but, as well can be shaped by the influence of belonging. We are constantly changing and growing from the different groups that we become a part of until we move on to another, from which we gain an understanding about our own identities. Belonging to certain groups has its benefits, by which we gain a sense of security, confidence and the feeling of having a place in this world. Our Friends and imitate relationships we make with others are one of the strongest groups we belong to by choice. The Groups we choose to belong to are because of shared values, interests, appearance and so on, which in return gives us the sense we belong and connection to others. In Stephan Chbosky’s novel ‘The perks of being a wallflower’ , Charlie was an outsider and never did fit in until one day he found himself belonging to group. “I just remember walking between them and feeling for the first time that I belonged somewhere”. Wanting to belong and the feeling that we get from belonging is what we strive for, which is in our human nature. The benefits we gain from belonging by far outweigh the costs but those costs are inevitable and can change a lot about ourselves. Our sense of identity can be compromised by belonging to a group. In Amish communities, individuals all obey the one simple way of living without modern technologies and plain dressing and face being shunned from the community if they do not respect the Amish way of life. To belong apart of the community, individuals must sacrifice parts of their identity. As I write, sitting in my classroom at school, my individuality is being held back to conform to the standards put forward by my
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