What It Means to Be Human

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What it means to be Human
What does it truly mean to be human; being human is not just speaking a language, going to work, playing a game, or even owning a house? Being human Is much more than that; it is deeper and more passionate. Every day we build meaningful relationships and cry when they lose someone even if they are not terribly close. It is to have morality: to have the ability to see right and wrong, having rational thought and the capacity to think deeply beyond the tangible things in the world, including philosophical conversations on humanity and life and to reject our instinct and find deeper causes for behavior than what is currently accepted. Being a human being is to find love, to find happiness, and to be content with one’s own self. Yet as I think deeply on this more and more, simply people cannot live without this we have used this to thrive and build a race and society. Being a human being is to have the ability to build relationships with anyone and everyone around us, to be happy, and to ensure the continuation of humans on earth.
People all have that one thing in their lives they are trying to hide? When I reflected on this, what comes to my mind is my struggle with loneliness. Humans all live masking their shame, trying to suffocate their temptations all by themselves. The problem, though, as we were created to do it all by ourselves to be truly human is to truly know someone who hides can't be. no we are created to meet each other--To be honest with each other, to encourage each other, and to love each other, and that only happens when we are open with each other. Isn’t it sad that we are currently living in a time where we can find what our friends did today or even ate, but we are also the most disconnected the most fragmented? Loneliness is truly the bane of human existence. It is such a negative thing since isolation is a common
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