Essay About Conforming To Society

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No one wants to be so unlike everyone else. No one wants to not be liked or viewed differently. Everyone simply wants to fit in. In the American Scholar, Margaret Drabble expresses this thought in the quote,” Our desire to conform is greater than our respect for objective facts.” We are constantly affected by external factors that create a view of how we should be living, and, as a result change our internal opinions and mindset. This explains our society today because people are conforming to society from external factors, like our appearance, and by internal factors, like with our opinions. As society today becomes more and more advanced, we are constantly conforming to this want, or some may say a “need” for these new advancements, just…show more content…
These “fashions” are not placed on the clothing by accident. They simply gain the attention of the consumer, by allowing them to show off which brand they bought. They are certainly not the most practical fashions, but these fashions are used to wheedle their way into your pocketbook. It is the simplest way these clothing lines can make a profit because everyone is conforming to their fashions. It is the idea that “if she has it, then I have to have it,” that causes us to want to be like everyone else. This Bandwagon approach it also used in songs. By people we look up to telling us that illegal actions are great and that everyone is doing it, we suddenly go against our original values and beliefs. Celebrities and artists soon become a standard for what is right and what is normal. This is where our society becomes very corrupt. Songs are just one of the external forces that transform our mindsets and create a standard of a perfect person. However, in actuality, there is really no such thing. This perfect person can never be
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