Essay On Asian Americans In The 20th Century

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Asian Americans are minor minority-group in the United States (about 4% of the total population) compared with African-American or Hispanics, and to live in the US, they have confronted many difficulties have to deal with such as racism, identity and intergeneration gap. And it’s getting developed to more complex and diverse issues from simple discrimination over time because it is not only occurred between Majority and Minority group but also among Minority groups now. I will discuss about these issues arisen in mid 20th century from two of the short stories, “Clay Walls” by Kim Ronyoung and “No No Boy” by John Okada. The first is the generation gap. Parents, the first generation, who are raised in the home country and emigranted to the…show more content…
Among these people, the number of emergent Asian immigrants were fewer, so no position has been established and they always has been faced discrimination. As time has passed, generations of their children, grandchildren increased, and now they were encountering more complicated, various problems such as a feud with parents' generation, discrimination among Asian Americans, and lack of recognition of individuality. They were all educated in English, drinking coffee in the morning, and holding American citizenship, however, they had to feel inferiority by calling “Chosen-jin” with contempt or had to be confined in a concentration camp with giving up all property. Although these unfortunate treatments have been improved year by year, it still remains deeply rooted in people's mind and distress them like Faye or Ichiro. Over over, they are always fighting with the dilemma, which cannot be defined but cannot clearly be denied. I wish, not only within the United States, the whole world without having any racial prejudice or discrimination to other people, which people can establish the identity of the self and also live with joy of descovering something new about
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