Why The Bluest Eye Should Be Banned

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Freddy Garcia Ms. Larcher English 12 June 18, 2014 Why Ban “The Bluest Eye” Banning? What is banning? Banning is to officially or legally prohibit something. In Fact there have been cases in which books who are easily accessed to the public that have been officially banned or censored. You wonder why? Each book that is banned or censored is done so for the content within the pages. There are a few common reasons that books have been banned or censored in schools, libraries, and book stores. These reasons are racial issues, sexual situation or dialog, violence or negativity, religious affiliations,…show more content…
The book written by the author share some of the most powerful things that happen around us. I believe it is a good source of literature to understand and open our eyes and mind to real life situations in one fiction book. The Novel describes an eleven year old African American in Ohio who lived during the early 1940’s who prays for her eyes to turn blue so that she will be beautiful. Although the book actually expresses some very explicit sex scene of rape, I believe readers should have the mindset of realizing the harshness that goes and has been going on in our world for years and how very hurtful it could be for those who had experienced such inappropriate act in our society. Becomes a very life changing for most. We should actually face that kids or should I say teenagers are already actually exposed to these type of situations within their own knowledge. It becomes no strange for them to hear these type of acts. It has been proven that most are even having their own sexual experiences (not rape) around the ages of 16 – 18 years old. I believe readers around these ages shall have the ability to be exposed to this kind of literature so they could be able to comprehend such shameful…show more content…
The novel does contain a sexually explicit scene of Pecola’s rape, but a graphic depiction of sex is not the same as pornography. Pornography may be sexually explicit, but it is also designed to titillate and excite. Pecola’s rape scene is hardly titillating or designed to evoke sexual feelings in the reader. It is to portray what happens to children in America today. Another topic that is mentioned in the book is “Racism”. Most kids already witnessed the act of racism against one another. Others don’t realize how its holding us back from moving on. When I say moving on I mean African Americans who have a background of slavery and known for mistreat from other race (white). Parents should realize how it’s important for kids to know the past and present and therefore Toni Morrison gives us a little of the background past for African Americans depicting how hard it was for her people to survive in such town in which most people strive to survive everyday. Poverty has existed for decades and in Toni Morrison literature it gives us very much information of poverty that happens even in our present society today. Many people look down at African Americans due to their prior history and kids should be able to understand its time to change that for not only for the good of ourselves but for society to see how much has been overcome. Although her book is fiction is rooted to real

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