Thoreau Being A True American Analysis

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Pg.389 7. I feel as if Emerson’s state about Thoreau being a true American to be somewhat true. Thoreau was patriotic in a sense because he cared deeply about the well-being and the actions of Americans. He feels as if the government is unnecessary because it only benefits the wealthy and those involved in it. Thoreau believes that the government takes the power out of the people’s hands. He also believes that majority rule overpowers the conscience of man and that it is handled in a very improper manner. This also plays into how he feels about the unjust laws in the government. Thoreau thinks that the unjust laws aren’t fixed because Americans believe they have to have a majority of people who agree that the law is unjust and he thinks that that shouldn’t be the case. Thoreau only has the American people’s interest at heart and want them to become a better and greater people, this is what makes him a patriot.…show more content…
Delbanco’s interpretation that Thoreau creates world that we both need and fear is basically saying that Thoreau creates the perfect world that we would need to best survive and would strive the best in; however this world is something that we as people are not used to and have never experienced so we would be skeptical and scared when it is presented to us. I definitely agree with Delbanco’s statement about Thoreau’s world. Although it would be nice to love in a world where things were based on a man’s conscience rather than government, and the people played a bigger part in how things were ran; it would be something nobody is used to therefore no one would really know what they were doing and who is to say we can trust everyone’s conscience because there are some people in the world with bad consciences. In my opinion Thoreau’s world would only work in
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