Examples Of Diversity In America

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Diversity in America The United States of America has a very broad diversity of life styles. Is it because of not caring that we choose not to expand our horizons in this diversity? I personally have several reasons why I have not fully expanded my horizons and have chosen to live in a community where people are more like myself. Having the freedom to choose who you associate with or live next too, should not classify a person of caring or not caring. I believe one of the reasons we choose to live with people who are more like ourselves comes from nurture. It is passed down from generation to generation. We were taught to trust and feel comfortable with people whom are more like ourselves and tend to be more cautious around those who are not. I was born in San Diego, California in 1965; we lived in a brand new development where it was predominately white. It was a safe neighborhood and community until we began having problems with illegal immigrants from Mexico crossing the border and moving into our area bringing the drugs with them. The drugs seemed…show more content…
I would not move to an area where I was different than everyone else, in fear of not being accepted. Another example would be to move into a neighborhood that is too expensive and classy. Would they accept me for who I am or would they look down at me? We tend to feel more comfortable with our same ethnic, religious and social groups. Some examples would be, to move to a place where you didn't speak the language; this would make it hard to communicate with your neighbors or your community. Should a person have to alter their ways just to be able to fit in and be accepted? I find it much easier to live in a community where people are more like my self. Being accepted can go both ways. If you accept them, they would have to accept you in order to live in one

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