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1 We all have our own different perception of what belonging is. Belonging to me is being able to feel comfortable in your environment, feeling like you belong somewhere, like your wanted, feeling as though your individuality still lets you fit in. It’s a desire of everyone to belong. Whether we belong because of our looks, personality, hobbies or even our differences, we all want to fit in. | Experiences we encounter throughout our life can make us feel as though we don’t belong.. Imagine everyone around you can sing & has an amazing voice, everyone has a name but you don’t, everyone has dark skin but you don’t & everyone a has judgemental perception of you before they got to know you & your story. This is what Mumble from Happy Feet & Errol from Rainbows End have to deal with. Its these things that make them feel as though they don’t belong. |…show more content…
Nan Dear & Dolly come to realise that have they had the same terrifying experiences, but Nan Dear makes a judgemental perception on the new white fella, Errol; that Dolly is getting to know based on her own personal experiences earlier in her life. She made this judgement based on what a white man did to her, after seeing dolly go through the same experience near after meeting Errol. | 4 Happy Feet is a film made in 2006 by George Miller, it tells us of the journey Mumble, a little penguin who is a different to the rest; took to finally know where he belongs. Other Emperor penguins made judgemental perceptions of him because of what he could & couldn’t do.. Errol & Mumble are both alienated for being different to everyone else around them. Errol a young white man in an Aboriginal town trying to make a living for himself when he finds himself falling for Dolly.

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