How to Live a Long Healthy Life Essay

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People want to live longer and healthy so they can enjoy their lives and get to see their great grand children. Not everyone is lucky enough to achieve this goal. There are many ways one can try his or her best: Have a positive attitude towards life. Enjoy every bit and every moment of the day. Life is too short to worry about things. The positive attitude has physiological effects on your body and mind. As long as your body and mind are at ease you can guarantee yourself a stress less journey. Eat a healthy diet. It can include all the fruits, vegetables, nuts and, minerals and, nutrients you need. Adding herbs and antioxidants to your diet can greatly help you to keep your arteries clean, your skin smooth and, make you look younger. You will also feel younger and full of energy ready to do anything. There is a famous saying "You are what you eat". Indulging yourself with lots of food is also not a good idea. You should always eat as much as your stomach could handle. It is best to stop eating while you are still a bit hungry. This strategy is followed because the message of satiety is received by the brain a bit later while you are eating. Exercise is the key to a healthy life. A healthy lifestyle will take you a long way in your life. Stronger your health is longer you will live. Exercise makes your body stronger, so it is beneficial to exercise. How much you should exercise depends on your current body condition. Keeping a fine balance in all the activities of your life is the key to success. Whenever you can, try not to eat meat. Reducing your meat consumption can really help you live longer. If you can't give up meat, eat least try to limit yourself to eating meat once a day. When you do eat meat, try not to eat red meats (such as beef) and try to eat more chicken or fish. Red meats lead to a higher probability of getting heart disease, so avoiding them

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