P1 Health And Lifestyle Factors Analysis

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P1/M1 Lifestyle factors and their effects on health Lifestyle factors that can affect health are physical activity, alcohol, smoking, stress and diet. Physical Activity Physical activity is any movement or activity that requires your body to work harder than it does while sitting, or resting. Physical activity can affect health in a good way. Benefits of physical activity are it lowers the risk of heart attacks because exercise makes the heart bigger and stronger meaning it doesn't have to work as hard which puts less stress on the body. It increases aerobic endurance which is good because it means exercise can be done for longer and the heart can be further strengthened. It also improves posture, relieves stress, reduces risk of chronic…show more content…
A balanced diet is a diet that provides the correct amount of nutrients required by the body without excess or deficiency, a healthy diet should provide enough energy and nutrients to maintain normal physiological functioning and gives protection against disease. The positives of a healthy balanced diet is you can get a healthy weight where you’re not too under or overweight and you feel better about yourself. Maintenance of healthy body weight Increases energy and vitality. You are more likely to have healthy organs. Improved immune system. Reduced risk of chronic disease. The negatives of an unhealthy diet are you can get heart disease or strokes. It can lead to obesity in the long run. It can damage major organs. Depending on what is being eaten it can causes diseases such as diabetes and hypertension. Diets high in fat can also cause heart disease and high cholesterol because it contains a high amount of saturated fat. It can cause lower core strength, slower problem solving ability and muscle response, and can also make you less alert. Having a high sugar and fat diet can cause diabetes which also leads to weight

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