The Difference Between Fad Diets and Regular Dieting and Excercise

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Weight Loss through exercise and diet is better than fad diets because Fad Diets only last for a short term period. Most experts say that the best way to lose weight is with proper exercise and regular diet. I used regular exercise for a course of four months and lost a little over 70 pounds of weight. Fad diets can be bad if used improperly or the user quits the regimen. Regular exercise and a stable diet is the best way to approach the situation. Fad diets have some very severe effects on the body. Losing weight in a short period of time can be dangerous. The short term affects are not as bad as the longer term effects. Some people gain all the weight back if not more immediately after they stop using fad diets. Fad diets have also been known to slow down a person’s metabolism if not bring it to a complete halt. The majority of the weight you drop when you lose weight too quickly tends to be water weight, which can lead to rapid dehydration. Your body burns calories and excess weight in stages. The big name companies use the temporary weight loss to make the buyer or user think the diet is superior when in reality it is very bad. The long term affects of fad diets can be a little more severe and consist of some of the following issues such as prolonged hunger, depression, reduced sex drive, fatigue, irritability, fainting, sinus problems, muscle loss, rashes, acidosis, bloodshot eyes, gallbladder disease, and loose folds of skin. These are just some of the most common symptoms and there can be many more. Regular diet and exercise are not always the answer because if not done the proper way people face severe effects as well. Crash diets, skipped meals, and overeating are all bad dietary moves. A person’s body tissues and organs need a wide range of nutrients to meet physical and mental demands, day and night. A person’s ability to breathe, move, think, sleep

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